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 Casa Vogue  

Pachuca | 2021 | Silver Zone | housing

Located geographically in the center of the country and connected through the north arch and the Mexico - Pachuca highway and its proximity to the "AIFA", the city of Pachuca in the state of Hidalgo emerges giving way to the ambitious, innovative and avant-garde project of "Casa Vogue", whose architecture and interior design merge through light, mastery of space and the use of the latest generation materials, resulting in a project of linear and intact beauty.

On its façade, the quarry walls activate the mood at the moment the glass merges with the serious presence of the brilliant large format, provoking a strong and refined presence throughout the environment.


Accessing the staircase to the main door, a great expectation of the encounter with the interior is created in a surprising way, which is received with a spectacular hall dotted with static sculptures welcoming a space full of light, peace and harmony in which it stands out. the meeting of straight and perfect lines created by its fine wood on walls and ceilings, the comfort of lighting through glass and the strong presence of pure marble of intact beauty on the floors.


Taking care of every detail of the social area, a bar has been integrated into the game area where the pool table is located between the bar and the quiet view of the rear garden. The counter bar is made up of verticals and shelves bathed in indirect light facing the viewer, relaxing the mood and turning time into joy and tranquility.


Enjoying its great height, this area is integrated with the dining room, giving way to a space of great amplitude and sensory freedom, connected to the instantaneous double height between the dining room and the living room, giving the inhabitant a feeling of posture and power. In its double height, the room highlights a space for multiple people centered on the top by a lamp with a minimalist and universal design. In this, the heart of the residence, you can see all the corners to discover, where you can subtly observe the architectural details that integrate each space in height and width, giving a sensation of haute couture, quality and nature in its exterior views. .


On one side, in the design kitchen and great trend based on strokes, there is a wall covered with panels with the latest generation materials on whose surface you can only see perpendicular lines that by simple touch become doors que_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ open and show the contents inside, housing shelves, revolving pantries, hot plates, ovens, coffee makers, among others, and so we turn to prepare food on a grill on a granite island, where time passes calmly while the garden introduces peace and tranquility through the light reflected on its ceiling composed of straight wooden lines, giving a harmonious visual balance.


Its large garden of multiple greens and delicate flowers, give the residence vitality and congruence with the exterior and nature, resulting in an orbital sensation to the project.


Finally, there is a technological and acoustic space to enjoy the cinema at home, the acoustic and visual sensation is impressive, however, towards the outside of this room the activities of the residence continue as normal due to the architectural and technological design of this space, allowing the coexistence with the other areas in its own and functional way.

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